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QPict Professional
Entry and Professional level digital asset
management software

QPict offers a very attractive and inexpensive way to view, organize, search and batch process all your media files. Our media database engine supports common standards such as IPTC, XML and EXIF and supports many different media file formats including images, movie clips, fonts, RAW images and sounds. QPict is equally well suited for both professional and home usage.

QPict Lite
Entry level digital asset management

QPict Lite is a specially adapted variant QPict. It is designed for large scale distribution as a viewer and organizer for clip art collections and camera producers. The feature set and design can be individually customized for each customer. The pricing scales very well making it a very attractive product with a very affordable unit price.

Professional level digital asset
management software

Photoff is a new and unique product for documenting parking and traffic offense. Photoff is a complete system that includes a specialized multimedia database, computer systems and digital cameras. The system is available on rental basis and we take the full responsibility to make sure every part works perfectly.

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